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If you see some codes like this…….

March 30, 2007

The Longest Way to Zero – Worse Than Failure:

People alway criticize  programing  language, but they never look themselves. 


Code Review

March 27, 2007

evan_tech — code review is great:
“At Google, all code must be reviewed before you can check it in. This means that another engineer needs to look over your change and give it their approval. Traditionally we’ve done it via email and some wrapper scripts, but more recently people have been switching to Guido’s fancy tool.”

Here is the Link to Google Video Google Mondrian


How many problems you can solve?

March 27, 2007

Project Euler:

Some problems are interesting. You might want to try some of them for fun.


Managing a Standardized Build Process Outside of the Eclipse IDE

March 26, 2007

Managing a Standardized Build Process Outside of the Eclipse IDE — Building objects in the Eclipse IDE is simple – it’s a point-and-click solution. However, as applications built on the Eclipse platform mature the need for building outside of the IDE increases. This need can be driven by the development team that is striving to perform agile development techniques where builds are executed based on a file ‘check-in’ action into an SCM tool. The need can also be driven by IT governance where a scheduled and audited production build is required. Moving from builds managed inside of the Eclipse platform to builds managed outside of the Eclipse platform can be a big task in itself. Don’t hesitate to make this jump. It’s a jump that you’ll find you can’t do without. The sooner you get out of your point-and-click build process, the sooner your application will begin to mature.


who wrote “Hello World” first?

March 22, 2007

1. Based on wikipedia it seems the first “hello world” (without capital letters or exclamation sign) was written by Brian Kernighan ; However I also heard:

2. It seems that the first “Hello World” application was written in 1966 by Martin Richards (Cambridge University), when he was developing BCPL. programming language.

Here is the list of “Hello World ” programs written in 100+ ways. Link


How to make crap code worse in 5 Easy Steps

March 20, 2007

How to make crap code worse in 5 Easy Steps:


Not Just A Simple Organizer

March 20, 2007


Organize your thoughts and get them done – a good personal brain organizer. Try it1