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Six Basic Truths of Free APIs

April 28, 2007

O’Reilly Radar > Six Basic Truths of Free APIs:
Amazon and Google have recently shattered a common misconception: that free APIs are a commons of goodies to be built on top of for fun and profit, like open source software. If you think that, then here are six things you need to know about free APIs:….


Database Design Basics

April 28, 2007

Wrox::Wrox Article:Database Design Basics:

There is a common belief that database design is done by the database administrator (DBA), while program design is done by programmers. While this may seem like a natural division of labor, it is actually quite unfortunate. Applications are made up of two equal and interrelated parts: data and processes. Neither has any purpose without the other and weaknesses in the design of either (or their intimate relationship) will be reflected in the entire system….


Java is slow?

April 25, 2007

Always heard people are complaining Java application: it is too slow. Actually I am not a Java fun. I refused to use it when I was in college, because it makes you stupid if you are learning computer programming. For the purpose of learning you need to choose C/C++. But I didn’t see it is bad for developing applications. There are many solid works built in Java. Java itself is fine but the people who use it are not always good. Bad design and bad programming causes bad applications. When people cannot find solutions, they would criticize the language. Here is another story you may take a look:



April 24, 2007

Damn good examples on SED.  Here is the link


Secure coding

April 22, 2007

CERT Secure Coding Standards – CERT Secure Coding Standards:

This web site exists to support the development of secure coding standards for commonly used programming languages such as C and C++. These standards are being developed through a broad-based community effort including the CERT Secure Coding Initiative and members of the software development and software security communities.


Copy and Paste in URL

April 12, 2007 – The internet clipboard:

I think it is an interesting web tool that allows you take a note on one computer in a Internet notepad and then you can open it in other computer by the same URL. Not sure how useful it will be, but it is a nice idea.


Windows svchost.exe takes almost 100% cpu

April 12, 2007

Just realize my laptop is getting slower and slower until one day I cannot have any patience at all. So go to task manager and find svchost.exe uses almost 100% cpu. Then googled, scanned virus; tried a lot of solutions – no help! So I had to check each service registered in that svchost process and stop them one by one. Finally found the Windows auto update eats all the cpu usage.  How come? – then google and  found this in Microsoft KB – Download the update and install it then the problem is fixed.