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Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You

July 31, 2007

Ten Things Your IT Department Won’t Tell You –
Admit it: For many of us, our work computer is a home away from home.


CVS/SVN or Git

July 16, 2007

Have no idea about Git, but the distribute concepts of Git is kind of worth watching the talk Video.
The link


A simple but powerful todo Tool

June 4, 2007

Todo.txt – Task tracking for command line lovers: is a powerful shell script that adds to, edits, sorts and searches your todo.txt file from the command line. Mark items as complete and archive them into a done.txt file with as well.


Copy and Paste in URL

April 12, 2007 – The internet clipboard:

I think it is an interesting web tool that allows you take a note on one computer in a Internet notepad and then you can open it in other computer by the same URL. Not sure how useful it will be, but it is a nice idea.


Not Just A Simple Organizer

March 20, 2007


Organize your thoughts and get them done – a good personal brain organizer. Try it1


Subversion Using Experiences

February 28, 2007

If you like PuTTY, you should know who Simon Tatham is. He wrote a great article about his experience with Subversion. I think it is worth to read if you are thinking to switch from CVS to Subversion.


Expose Any Information of your PC

February 16, 2007

Screenshot Tour: Learn everything about your PC with SIW – Lifehacker:
It is a good tool, but I also feel scary when I take a look…